Angie Schirtzinger – Operations Manager

Angie grew up in Ohio where she spent much of her summers gardening and hiking with her family.  In 2016, she managed a community garden while working for AmeriCorps Vista, growing over 1500lbs of produce while organizing volunteer and outreach initiatives, as action fighting food insecurity and poverty amelioration. This experience inspired her passion to engage communities in the reciprocity of human relationship with the “more than human world” through sustainable food initiatives, creative wellness, and mindfulness practices in nature. She received her Bachelors from Ohio University in 2018 in Recreation Programs Management with focused studies in Sustainability, Outdoor Education, and Arts.  In 2020, she moved to Colorado Springs, where she found her new home at the foothills of Tava Mountain. 

Most recently Angie worked as Programs & Education Coordinator at Garden of the Gods Visitor & Nature Center where she expanded the nature education, arts, and wellness programs. Other experiences included as a Nature Educator for a school garden, and led an environmental community service group, “Plan-It-Earth” at her university.  She recently completed her training with the Association of Nature & Forest Therapy (ANFT) as a certified Nature & Forest Therapy Guide.  Angie joined our staff leadership in March of 2022, and is thrilled to serve SEE!

Alli Deist Education Coordinator

Alli is a natural cultivator of learning, educating, and community engagement. Alli was involved with SEE before coming on staff as graphic design support with a focus on ecological conservation. She also served as a volunteer in facilitation of our educational programs and outreach. She is currently completing her degree in Biology at UCCS—with a passion for land restoration and preservation of biodiversity.

In her personal life, Alli is a cultivator of plants, fungi, and SCOBY and prioritizes fostering deep connections with others through community. She enjoys spending time in garden spaces, hiking in local parks, and foraging for mushrooms. Alli is an avid book reader and enjoys learning about nature, sustainable living, interpersonal skill development, and social justice. She is delighted to join SEE as the Education Coordinator and looks forward to further connecting with the local community through educational programs!

Kyle Katsos Site Manager

Raised and rooted at the foot of America’s Mountain Kyle was brought up in an open-minded and industrious environment. Educated at CU Boulder’s Leeds School of Business in Finance, Management, and Entrepreneurship with emphasis in entrepreneurial finance, Kyle tested his education through real world application by founding and operating Greener Avenues, a conscientious property services company, and volunteering time with the Boulder Independent Business Alliance as outreach coordinator. Emerging as a visionary leader, Kyle returned to Colorado Springs to co-create “The Shire at Old Ranch”, a place for growing resilient people, place, and community. A product of his environment, Kyle aspires to bring a mindful, rigorous, systematic, and professional approach to the business of cultivating individual and community resilience.

Heather Laughlin Garden Organizer

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