Recipes from the Garden- Rhubarb Lemonade

Beat the summer heat with this refreshing drink. As you sip this lemonade, you’ll taste tart citrus and earthy rhubarb at the back of your palate. If you’d like a stronger rhubarb flavor at the forefront, increase the total rhubarb up to 4 cups. It’s fun to experiment and see which ratio is your favorite.Continue reading “Recipes from the Garden- Rhubarb Lemonade”

Recipes from the Garden – Lilac Simple Syrup

What is more quintessentially spring than the early blooms of lilac flowers? Lilacs are some of the first spring flowers to bloom which provide essential nectar for our pollinators and fill the air with their sweet fragrance. Lilac shrubs are often used as ornamental privacy barriers in the urban landscape and sport both purple andContinue reading “Recipes from the Garden – Lilac Simple Syrup”