Recipes from the Garden – Garden Fresh Potato Salad

With colder temperatures and shorter days on the horizon, we’ve found ourselves desperately nostalgic for that mid-summer feeling. Luckily, we are just in time for potato harvest season, which can only mean one thing – potato salad! Potato salad is one of my all-time favorite summer dishes. It’s what I like to call the perfectContinue reading “Recipes from the Garden – Garden Fresh Potato Salad”

Recipes from the Garden – Roasted Beet and Tomato Bruschetta

If we’re being honest, when it comes to beets, we know they aren’t everyone’s favorite summer veggie. Give us a chance to change your mind!  Beets are a complete summer treat from the garden. Their rich, sweet and earthy taste makes them a perfect addition to any savory salad, roasted veggie medley, or in thisContinue reading “Recipes from the Garden – Roasted Beet and Tomato Bruschetta”

Recipes From the Garden – Butternut Squash Mash (Savory or Sweet)

This season, our butternut squashes ripened and were ready to pick in mid-late August. Winter squashes are gifts from the garden that keep on giving, long after they’re harvested.  As long as the squashes are cured after being harvested (this allows the rinds to harden and preserve the flesh inside), they can stay good forContinue reading “Recipes From the Garden – Butternut Squash Mash (Savory or Sweet)”

Recipes From the Garden – Cream of Broccoli Soup

We had SO MUCH broccoli to harvest from the garden this year! It’s certainly easy to get stuck in ways of preparing broccoli – smothering it with cheese, steaming it with lemon and pepper, or putting it in casserole are my go-to broccoli dishes. With so much blanched and frozen broccoli, I wanted to tryContinue reading “Recipes From the Garden – Cream of Broccoli Soup”