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SEE offers hands-on, experiential learning in topics related to food production, sustainable living, local ecosystems and whole system design, and artisanship. With our large garden space and connections with local experts, we’re poised to provide a range of clinics and courses. What are you curious about? What skills do you want to build? How can SEE help you become more savvy and self-sufficient?

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Past Classes

Introduction to Whole System Design (Virtual)
The hot, cold, dry, and windy semi-arid climate that is Colorado Springs can baffle even the most seasoned gardeners. Intro to Whole System Design offers a fresh perspective on your landscape’s potential, mental frameworks to analyze and evaluate opportunities, and practical strategies to make your place more abundant and resilient.  Whole System Design is an approach that considers the interactions of all factors within a site, and aims to organize natural systems into reinforcing and regenerating patterns.  This class builds an understanding of zone analysis, sector analysis, and inputs and outputs for a given site, and allows participants to start applying these principles to their own home and landscape.

Cold Frame Construction
Gardeners in Colorado can extend their growing season by several weeks by using a well-built, strategically-placed cold frame.

A cold frame is like a tiny greenhouse – it’s a structure that creates a warm microclimate to grow in before ambient air temperatures are warm enough for growing.  In this class, you’ll learn how to build a wooden (treated lumber) 4’x4′ cold frame with a UV-stabilized polycarbonate lid, step-by-step!

You’ll go home with the skills to be able to build your own, and select and prepare a suitable site to grow in.

Composting – The Whats, Whys, and Hows
This class will equip you with answers to all your basic “what?”, “why?”, and “how?” questions about composting. You will come away with a deeper knowledge of the essence of composting, what it is, and why it is so important, and how you and your household can start doing it TODAY! At the end of the class, you’ll get a chance to get hands on and participate in starting some new compost piles for SEE!

Gardening Basics
Whether you think you have a “brown thumb”, or you want to learn more about gardening with some hands-on practice, Gardening Basics is for you! Participants will learn about considerations when selecting and laying out plants, how to seed and plant a variety of crops, how to harvest established crops, and how to troubleshoot common problems.

Colorado Animals Meet & Greet
Get up close and personal with a range of animal ambassadors from the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo that call this area home! The “Zoomobile” will bring us and a range of animal guests that are native to the prairie and foothills we live in. Zoo staff will showcase and teach about a variety of animals, with opportunities to touch and interact with them throughout the program. Come experience Colorado’s fauna like never before!

Mycology Basics & Mushroom Bed Building
Familiarize yourself with fungi, and get some hands-on experience in cultivating mushrooms and using fungi to improve soil. You’ll learn about edible mushrooms and ways to cultivate various types that do well in the southwest. After a short presentation covering the basics of “mycology” (the study of fungi), you’ll help make an oyster mushroom bed on site.  Participants can take home some fungal spawn to inoculate substrate, add to a compost pile or put directly onto a garden bed. You’ll leave this class with an understanding of how fungi can work for you to enhance your diet and your soil!

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