Work with SEE

SEE provides education and demonstrations of regenerative food systems and food preservation, supporting local ecosystems, industrial and traditional arts, sustainable living, and wellness. We are always looking for talented and knowledgeable instructors in our community! We typically offer two-hour classes/workshops and prefer to include hands-on experiences. We compensate instructors for their time and for supplies needed for the class/workshop. If you would like to teach a class through SEE related to regenerative food systems, local ecology, artisanship, or wellness please reach out to our education coordinator at We typically plan our calendars 2+ months in advance, and it is not too early to get on our Summer 2023 calendar if you would like to teach a topic during the growing season!

We are also always in need of volunteers for a variety of things – check out our volunteer opportunities if you’d like to help spread sustainability and resilience in Colorado Springs!

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